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Westminster, Colorado
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The Young Brothers and Southern Rock
Posted on March 12, 2012
Growing up there was all kinds of music in the house. My Step dad was a DJ and he worked at all kinds of different stations and played all different kinds of music. But rock n roll has always been my favorite. Any kind of rock really but southern rock has always been the music of my people. By my people I mean rednecks, bikers, and other rebels that most people look through like they were invisible. While The Young Brothers play all kinds of rock and country the mix of the two kinds of music play to a community of ‘Frynds’. Continuing the tradition that was started in the late 60’s early 70’s by Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, and so many more, The Young Brothers hit you where it counts…. the heart. There are no suits and ties at one of their shows, it’s cowboy hats, leather, long hair and pretty girls. There are going to be people that you have never met but are just like you.  It’s like an extended family. There are motorcycles, hot rods and it doesn’t smell like someone ran over a skunk on the way there. There isn’t anything PC here and there shouldn’t be. But at the same time the guys do everything they can for their community. “Like” their Facebook and you are likely to see pictures of missing kids or a benefit for a wounded Vet as fast as you would a post of their next show. Real people real music….The Young Brothers are the real thing!

Interstate Live - When I was younger I looked up to the guys in bands like Skynyrd, Molly Hatchet and .38 Special. How have they influenced you guys not only musically but in life?

Young Brothers - The 1970's & early 80's was a whole different world man. So for us to have been raised up through it like yourself, the southern rockers had an
By Mike Martin
immense impact on us. If we learned anything pertaining to life through them, it would probably be to KEEP IT REAL! There wasn't much flash to the Southern Rockers man, they were one hundred percent genuine! Furthermore, no two bands sounded alike back in the day, southern rock or otherwise! It was a powerfully magical age to have grown up in (musically speaking)!

IL - How hard is it to be a southern rock band in today's bullshit PC climate?

YB - A lot of it depends on geography. Obviously in the south, there are a lot of venues that thrive on it, whereas in the north, there is definitely an untapped audience for it, but not as many venues committed to promoting it. As far as the Bullshit PC climate, it doesn’t pose any threat to the genre. If anything, it drives people to want genuine acts! So, all in all, it can be a challenge, but it's a worthy and gratifying one, when we succeed [laughs]!

IL - Why do you think this kind of music strikes so many in a way that touches them so deeply?

YB - It is a rugged breed of music that attracts bikers and such, because of its genuine rebellious nature. It's more than a music genre. I have to admit, hearing them old Skynyrd song's like Freebird, or The Outlaws' Green Grass & High Tides, or Marshal Tucker's Can't Ya See...these old songs resonate in the soul, strikingly like Gospel. It’s almost religious to us and thousands like us! It's simply become a way of life!

IL - OK, something not so deep. One thing I have figured out as I meet more and more musicians is that you guys are as big of fans as I am. Who has been onstage with that you have just looked at and thought WOW how did I get here?

YB - Tough one, because we always ask ourselves that [laughs]! One in particular, that stands out for us, would be performing with our good frynd, Mr. Jimmie Van Zant. The man has such a kind soul and puts on such a good show. We heard him being interviewed by a really Cocky DJ who had broadcasted the show and Jimmie handled it in such away, that only a seasoned professional, with a good nature could! He is awesome and we have immense respect for him.

IL - There are so many places that are full of music history. If you could play anywhere where would that be?

YB - Another tough one! Hmm…..Well we would love to do a southern rock show at Carnegie Hall in N.Y.C....[laughs] Seriously, I'd have to say the famous Fox Theater and places like that. We would be totally content doing the theater circuit. We would've loved to have performed the famous Fillmore East!

IL - I read the Kid Rock story, a lot of people that read my stuff may not have. How did that happen? It’s a great story.

YB - Well, roughly five years ago, inspired by the simple life I live and love, and the people and places involved, my brother and I wrote a song, simply called ‘Redneck Paradise’! Immediately after writing the song we realized right off that if only we could get this song into Kid Rock’s hands, he could surely "bat it out of the park", which in turn would establish us as professional song writers in the major label industry. We have always loved writing songs.

Realizing that major labels don't accept unsolicited material and with no other way to reach Kid Rock, we knew we'd have to do something outrageous. So... encouraged by the story of Kris Kristofferson's infamous landing at Johnny Cash's house, we came up with an idea.

I had just been laid off from work due to the economy, but I was so confident in ‘Redneck paradise’ that I decided to spend my entire last pay check on our outrageous idea. We bought two hundred dollars’ worth of lumber, wood screws and such, then immediately began building an old-time railroad freight box big enough to fit a washing machine into. We fastened it to an oak pallet and then we suspended one demo cd of ‘Redneck Paradise’ right in the center of the whole big empty freight box with guitar strings and nailed the lid shut.

Looking like the opening scene to The Beverly Hillbillies, we strapped it to the top of my vehicle (right before it got repossessed) and drove it to the nearest U.P.S. freight dock to spend the last dime of my paycheck to ship it to Kid Rock's then manager in Nashville TN, Mr. Ken Levitan of Vector Management, knowing that somebody at Vector Management would have to sign for it and that they couldn't easily throw it away because it would require a pallet jack to even move it at all. It weighed a ton [laughs]!

Four years later, Kid Rock's Current management, Dare Mighty Entertainment contacted us via Facebook to offer us a song contract with Kid Rock. With the help of our awesome lawyer Jeff Liebenson we reached an agreement and signed. Kid Rock will be co-authoring (slightly rearranging) our song ‘Redneck Paradise’ to record for an album!

IL - One name Johnny Cash...

YB - Waylon Jennings.

IL - Tell me about the Vetunes project, how did you get involved with it?

YB - We were contacted by our good frynd and Brother; Greg Kelly who happens to be a K2 Global Communications LLC Partner. K2 Global is a respected public relations network of professionals spanning business, industry, government, communities and cultures, both locally and internationally. Brother Greg simply contacted and explained to us, the mission of ‘Vetunes’, and after hearing about their commitment and devotion to helping military veterans in need we jumped at the opportunity that he kindly extended us, honored to lend a few of our songs to such a worthy cause!

A Southern Man is a Simple Man, a Gentle Man, a Patriotic Man, Thank You!
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