American Hollow is not your average run of the mill band. Especially in today's music world.
American Hollow was basically born in 2001 in eastern Kentucky. No, they are not a country or bluegrass band, hell, they're not even a blues band. What they are is a progressive metal outfit that is using their talent and their minds to write well thought out songs that make you think and kick you in the ass. Their sound is something between old school prog metal band Dream Theater and relative newcomers Incubus. Call it what you want, I'll call it good friggin' music.
While the music market is saturated with pop punk and emo bands, it's refreshing to see a band step up to the plate and rock it.....with style.
They will be playing The Spillway here in Denver on June 17th and the Buffalo Rose on June 19th. If you like prog metal or just plain old metal, do yourself a favor and go see these guys.
Interstate Live recently had a chance to interview the guys in American Hollow
American Hollow play The Spillway
Please describe your sound in your own words.

A fan once described our music as "cerebral metal", which is a title we
don't hate. Thoughtful rock. Something between a punch in the face and an

How did your band form?

Kyle, Nathan and Chronos first met and played together in college at
Morehead State University in Kentucky beginning around 2001. We drifted
apart for a number of years, but serendipitously found ourselves in Utah by
2008.  Jameson joined later that same year.  In essence, the band has deep
roots together, but it wasn't until the last 2 years or so that everything
really came together to allow us to create our album.

How did you come up with your band name?

There is a dichotomy of meaning in the name American Hollow.  The name 
came up because of a movie, which is supposed to be a documentary about
people from eastern Kentucky.  The depiction in the movie is one of back
woods folks.  At the time the band originally formed, all of the members
were from Kentucky.  We sort of named ourselves that, in an effort to call
out the fallacy that everyone from there was an ignorant hick.  As time
went on, the name came to symbolize some of our personal discontent with
the American government's actions.  The hollow feeling you get when you
realize your leaders just ordered up a war, and by induction, mountains of
suffering that was unnecessary.

What is the biggest influence that drove you to play progressive metal?

There's probably a different biggest influence for each of the members-
Chronos - Tool
Kyle - Rush
Nate - King Crimson
Jameson - Led Zeppelin

What are some of your other influences?

In no particular order: Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Mastodon, Incubus, A
Perfect Circle, Mogwai, Dream Theater, Explosions in the Sky, Opeth, This
Will Destroy You, Russian Circles

If you could play onstage with anybody in the world, past or present, who
would it be?

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Tool, take your pick.

Where does the inspiration for the songwriting come from?

There are many levels of meaning within the music.  On one hand, music is
simply a mental exercise and an expression of the individual personalities
and perspectives in the band.  On the other, it represents the creation of
something greater than that which we could create ourselves, should we work
in isolation.  Listening to the entirety of Whisper Campaign, one might
notice many thematic ideas, from social consciousness, to recognition of
the complicated nature of interpersonal relationships, to extraterrestrial
shape shifting lizards, to perseverance in the face of difficulty. 

Give us a quick walk through on how you write the songs as a band.

The most common songwriting process we use is to begin with an
instrumental idea, usually a guitar or bass riff, and work on that,
developing it and combining it with a library of past ideas we keep on the
shelf for times when we write.  Once a semi-rigid structure of the music
takes hold, Jameson starts to develop vocal ideas for it.  We usually then
go through a phase of debating about the arrangement and structure, intent
of the song, and the meaning of life, then polish it off with dynamics,
effects, keyboards, etc.  It seems like the songs are never really done
though.  Even when we go into the studio having worked on a song for more
than a year, sometimes someone will pipe up with ideas they have and want
to try.

Any crazy stories while on tour?

Denver is actually the kickoff date for our first ever tour. We're hoping
y'all can help us with that!"

The debut album from American Hollow was recently released in March of 2010. They will be playing songs from the debut album at the shows in Colorado. For a small taste of American Hollow music, visit either of their webpages.
What can we expect from a live show?

This time around as we pass through, we'll be playing tunes from our debut
album, Whisper Campaign.  We try to make the live show interesting with
video and a bit of lights.  In Salt Lake where we're based for now, we
experiment with belly dancers, trapeze artists and performance dancing in
our live show.  Unfortunately, we couldn't bring the circus along with us
this time though. 

in anticipation of their upcoming shows in the Denver area.
Tom Walsh
Westminster, CO.
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Jameson - Vocals
               Kyle Mullikin - Guitar
        Nathan Alan Gilbert - Bass
        Garry Garret (Chronos) - Drums